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cropped-bus-girl-snip.pngWelcome to  This site is dedicated to those of you out there who are determined to stay hot and healthy regardless of how many years you have logged on this planet, how many hours you work at your job, how many little or big people you take care of, or how much you have to travel.  It is not an easy feat to stay dedicated and committed to yourself and your health.  We all have challenges and life situations that throw us off course from our fitness and health, but we owe it to ourselves and the ones we love to stay as healthy as we can.

This IS a site dedicated to being and loving YOUR healthiest self, which may not be the shape or size of some of the fitness gurus you see on TV.  I have struggled my whole life with body image issues wondering why even after three rounds of Insanity, I don’t look like some of the ladies in those videos!  However, I do look pretty darn good for 38 and I can get up two flights of stairs to a crying baby without getting winded!!!

At this site you will find some great information and some great hacks for staying hot and healthy.  From tricks to working out on the road (and boy do I have some of those!), to supplements and even some great motivators for when you REALLY don’t feel like working out.