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At almost 40, I can still feel the tightening in my gut when I hearken back to the Machiavellian process for choosing teams for gym class or the playground.  That may seem strange to think about 30 years later, but when I am at the elementary school for my little one, I look around and see evidence of this still today.

I was a moderately heavy child and completely uncoordinated.  I was not very interested in sports and never excelled, so the whole gym class experience was frightening and horrible.  Truth be told, I picked up a rogue ball at my son’s tee ball game last week and there was a little part of me that was fearful of throwing it back into play.  My husband thinks I am a big weirdo, but, alas, this is coming from an athlete.

Why am I sharing this?  Because for someone who never thought of herself as an Athlete, I am pretty darn athletic now.  People have even said this foreign term, “athlete” while describing me, and it brings massive pride to my heart.

The point (yes, I am getting there), is that even if you think you cannot start a new routine; you cannot be like those people you see running down the street in their fancy workout gear, or those faithful gym-goers, the truth is…YOU CAN.

Of course, I prefer doing my workouts from the comfort of my basement, but dealer’s choice on that.  It took about 8 weeks (of Insanity, incidentally) for me to feel and look like an athlete.  I LOVE the idea that, if I had a time machine, I could go back and run circles around my 20-year-old self, again, at almost 40.

So if you are feeling “less than,” STOP!  Put on whatever workout clothes you like (personally, if I am gonna just sweat all over the stuff anyway, I am going Walmart, not Under Armour) and get your butt out there – or in there if you are opting for the basement option.

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Mad Love – XOXOXO – Toi

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