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daquiri picOkay, so I am not saying that this is a good thing, but it is better than the 200+ empty calories of carbs that you mix with the rum, vodka, etc.

So, sometimes, you have a bad or off day.  You don’t work out, you don’t eat right, you feel like poo.  We are ALL human beings, after all.   Okay, truth be told, I still have the daiquiri on a “good” day.  Anyway, the moral of this post, for all of you “type A, “all or nothing” thinkers out there (yes, I am one of these, and a bad day can derail ALL my progress), at least throw some nutrition on top of that rum!

When I first learned about this Shakeology stuff, I immediately turned my nose to it.  This was, primarily, due to the cost.  I also thought I could totally “hack” this stuff with something at GNC for half the price (love me a bargain).

I tried several things from GNC and even Walmart, then decided to buy the “golden elixir.”  Is Shakeology magic?  Did it solve all my problems?  Was it the panacea for all that ailed me…NO, it was not.  However, it did do something interesting…

After several weeks, I started to notice that my blood sugar (or the hunger monster that makes me crazy) was better.  With all my eating issues, I tend to turn into the monster that ate Manhattan if I get too hungry.   I didn’t seem to have that anymore.  Also, my digestion (I will save the gory details) was much improved.  Additionally, by the way, it is really delicious and mixes with water, milk, juice, or rum ;-).

The bag directions recommend replacing a meal with this stuff.  I don’t think I can do that.  I tend to drink it with a meal or in-between as a snack.  It is filling, but, just for me, not really a whole meal-type of filling.  I mean, it has far less calories than a regular Coke, so, I don’t think this is a whole meal.

The recipe (because you secretly want to know):  10 oz. Strawberry Shakeology, 1.5 oz of favorite spirit, one large handful of whatever fresh or frozen fruit you have in the back of your freezer (take a look, I am sure something is back there), blend with your Ninja (or other blending device) and voila!  You may also replace the strawberry shake for any other flavor that works for you (vanilla and pineapple chuncks?  Whaaaa????).

CONCLUSION = if you are going to be mostly healthy…have some fun with it, and don’t take it to extremes because no one can run at that pace for very long – Looking at you, type A’s

Mad Love, Stay Hot,