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double dog dare

Wow!  I hope you decide to do the Challenge Group with me.  This is going to be so fun.  Let me explain…

A Challenge groups is like a “double dog dare” or even a “triple dog dare” from me to you to join me in a workout program.  I decided to do the 21-day Fix or Fix Extreme programs because, well, they are only 21 days long.  If you join the group, you can pick which ever you like.  The “Extreme” version is a little more advanced, but, dealer’s choice 😉

ATTENTION BUSY MOMMIES!!!! The workouts in this program are 30 minutes!!! 30 MINUTES!!!  Seriously, I have made a quasi-career of getting my kids into something for 30 minutes so I can workout.  You can handle the messy fallout for sure.  I find that setting up superhero playsets in a weird and interesting fashion is really distracting for 30 MINUTES.  Try this….stack playsets or find grappling hooks to suspend guys (sorry, I am a boy mom, but girl moms do the same with ponies, barbies, she-ra (wait, that is not a thing anymore)).  Also, you can just add Playdoh to a playset like some kind of super toxic ooze, and you will have at least 30 minutes of workout bliss 😉  Furthermore (I have like a million of these), change heads on action figures for some super crazy confusion!

Anyhoo – A challenge group is a group of friends (or soon to be friends) who have committed to getting healthier by participating in a Beachbody program.  Through fitness, nutrition (I am still having wine) and support we complete a program together and give virtual “high fives” to each other throughout the process.  Each day we can Facebook about the workout (and cuss out the trainers if it is a particularly hard one) and just talk about goals to motivate each other.

The extra supersonic bonus for anyone who joins is that you are entered into the Team Beachbody challenge contest where you can win $500 per day or $100,000 yearly prize.

If you are interested in joining the group, you can do the following:

  1. Sign up to be on my team – ***NOTE:  This part is totally free and I would love for you to participate even if you do nothing else.
  2. If you want to order the challenge pack (challenge pack comes with a month of Shakeology and the workouts and is a discount) you can click on these:  Order 21-day Fix Challenge Pack or Order 21-day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack
  3. If you just want the workouts and no shakes, you can order just the workouts at 21-day Fix or 21-day Fix Extreme.  ***These are the base workouts and cost around $60.

I sincerely hope you join the group.  This is going to be fun!!! If you are planning an August beach trip (as we are), this is my pick to get totally beach-ready!!!  I didn’t know that I would like the instructor (Autumn Calabrese). Before I watched any of her videos, I kinda thought she would be WAY too perky and annoying.  However, I am currently doing one of her other programs, Hammer and Chisel, and, she is pretty good.  She doesn’t grate on my nerves as I had expected and is pretty cool after all.  This is important, because you will be spending 30 minutes per day with this person…Oh, did I forget to mention…this is just 30 minutes!  Yes, I mentioned it before, but it was a super important criteria for me as a busy mom.